February 4, 2013

2013 Testimony - Loving Like I Never Been Hurt


There is a slogan posted on the wall in a house where I serve in ministry that is a daily reminder to me about love.  It reads, "Love like you have never been hurt." Every morning as I prepare to lead the daily devotions/prayer for the young women in my care, I see that slogan on the wall, and I am challenged to love unconditionally.  For me, loving unconditionally means to start each day with a clean slate.  I have to admit that this is not an easy task, and it is another way that God reveals to me Matthew 19:26 and Philippians 4:13 that in His strength all things are possible - even forgiving and loving difficult people.

I realize that for some I am the difficult person to love.  Isn't that interesting?  Oftentimes, the one thing that we find so difficult to do for others is usually the same thing that others find difficult to do for us. Living and serving in a home with young adult, homeless, pregnant women has been a life-changing experience.  The experience forces me to get outside my own personal feelings and concerns in order to really focus on the well-being (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) of others. 

Every day I am offered the opportunity to love in spite of the circumstances - to show kindness and compassion even in the face of rejection, to take an active interest even when there is a blatant disinterest. I am provoked to love in spite of how I feel and to put into practice John 13:34-35.  

I am charged to love like Jesus loved.  Wasn't His sacrifice on the cross the ultimate model of love? Didn't He face rejection?  Didn't He face betrayal?  Wasn't He hurt by people he loved?  Wasn't He frustrated by other people's behavior? Didn't He question God, too?  If you don't know the answers to these questions, I encourage you to dig deep and to take some action steps that help you discern God's love in your life.  

  • setting time aside daily to read The Holy Bible;
  • researching Bible scriptures that provide insight regarding the love of Jesus;
  • finding a church fellowship or bible study small group where you can interact with other believers and grow in your understanding of the Word of God;
  • serving in a short-term or long-term missionary assignment;
  • making an intentional effort to learn and live biblical principles;  
Loving like I never been hurt is definitely a risk.  However, it is a risk I am willing to take in all areas of my life as I understand how important it is to ensuring a healthy, full and vibrant life.