September 1, 2005

Ask Congress to Reconvene in Special Session to Deal w/Lack of Resources

I'm sure everyone has been watching the news about the horrible conditionsfaced by hundreds of people left behind in New Orleans. It is heartwrenching to watch how babies and the elderly are dying from dehydrationthree days after Hurricane Katrina because there is not a coordinated effortto provide relief to people outside of the Superdome. Talks are underway in Congress to reconvene for a special session; however,the decision to do so lies in the Republican leadership.

Please get on your telephones and contact the Speaker of the House, Rep. Dennis Hastert,and request that Congress reconvenes to address the lack of services to theresidents of New Orleans, especially children and the elderly. Rep.Hastert's office number is 202-225-2976. Also, contact the Republicanleadership in your states. Call 202-224-3121 and ask to be connected toyour Republican congresspersons for your state. Also, contact theCongressional Black Caucus and ask them to make a public statementaddressing the lack of service to people left behind in LA. The CBC officenumber is 202-226-9776. It is imperative that we put pressure on our elected officials to take astand for the people of LA.

Just imagine that your son, daughter, mother,grandmother, or father was one of the people in this dire situation. Pleasetake a stand and encourage our Congresspeople to publicly address thisissue.

Blessings,Lynn Pinder

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