February 21, 2007

DC Screening of Life Support

Life Support is a riveting story that examines the crises of HIV in the African-American community. Through the eyes of a survivor, Oscar-nominated Queen Latifah, plays an inspiring role as a mother, an ex-addict, and an AIDS activist.

Inspired by the true story of director Nelson George's own sister and family, this poignant drama features a mix of actors and real people from the HIV/ AIDS community to tell the story of one woman's struggle to find meaning in misfortune.Please join us immediately following the event for a panel discussion on issues regarding AIDS, the epidemic among women of color, sex education, and AIDS prevention.

With Introductory Remarks By:

Congresswoman Maxine Waters(D-CA)

A Post-Screening Panel Discussion Featuring:

Nelson GeorgeDirector, Life Support

Gloria ReubenActress, formerly of ER

Tuesday, February 27th
7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

Admission is free

E Street Cinema
555 11th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20004

Nearest Metro: Metro Center (Red/Orange/Blue), Gallery Place/Chinatown (Green/Yellow/Red)

Click the following link to register: http://www2.americanprogress.org/dia/organizationsCAP/americanprogress/event/index.jsp?event_KEY=20022&t=CampusProgress.dwt

Black History Month Tribute

*This video was shared by christopharii at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4FtqzGB7nM*

February 15, 2007

Black History Month Tribute

"Shirley Chisholm--a charismatic, outspoken black woman--ran for president in 1972. See how she gathered her troops and pursued her dream." - http://www.ifilm.com/video/2642633

February 14, 2007

Black History Month Tribute

The lost of a Mother, no matter at what age, is always difficult. On February 14, 1997, I lost my birth Mother, Bertha Ann Jones Vaughn Pinder, who struggled for over 25 years to overcome Multiple Sclerosis MS), but succumbed within two years to Lupus. Her death on Valentine's Day ultimately put a whole different perspective for me regarding this day that celebrates love.

And although God knew my needs early on and blessed me with the love and care of a Step Mother who raised me from the age of four with my father (until his untimely death in 1987) and blessed me with an incredible baby sister, God saw fit to place in my life - when I needed them most - a whole host of Mentors, Mother figures, Aunts, and God Mommies who took the time to shower me with love, care, and direction. Still, there was no one who could take the place or love me like my Mother. Her death on Valentine's Day, ultimately, provided me with an entirely different perspective for this day that celebrates love.

On this day, I choose to remember my Mother - Bertha Ann Jones Vaughn Pinder. I remember her courage. I remember her pain. I remember her triumph, and I remember how much she loved her babies, Sherri, Angie, Gina, and me. We were all appropriately nick-named "Bertha's Babies." My mother was a very special person with a smile that could ignite your heart. She embedded in my sisters and me a deep faith and love for God. Her legacy of faith and love provided an excellent example of what this day is all about!

"I am a light of love to the world."

God loves me, and because I am an active participant in a divine heritage of love, I feel great joy in sharing that love with others who are a part of my life.

I am a light of love to the world.

Being a light of love to the world is an honor, and I treat it accordingly. Like all humankind, I have been chosen to play a loving role in the lives of everyone I meet, and I joyfully fulfill my divine purpose by being a living, breathing expression of God's love.

I am a light of love to the world.

In my relationships, I express love and understanding. When I am exploring the world of nature, I act responsibly and lovingly toward all of God's creatures.

I am a light of love to the world.

"For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers...nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God." -Romans 8:38-39

*The bolded and itilacized text was excerpted from the February 14, 1997 copy of the "Daily Word"*

February 10, 2007

Black History Month Tribute

A mesh of Hip Hop and Classical, this video is evidence of the creativity and genius of our young people.

February 6, 2007

February 5, 2007

Evolution of a Black Woman

A Black History Month Tribute

*There are a few inaccuracies and spelling errors in the video clip above, but I give it an A+ for effort! Enjoy.*

February 3, 2007

One Baltimore

The “One Baltimore” Plan will consider the fact that approximately 640,000 people with diverse ethnic and socio-economic histories live inside of Baltimore city. Therefore, the plan is an integrated strategic plan that is designed to meet all people in each neighborhood at their level of need and help them to help themselves.

The fundamental purpose of the “One Baltimore” Plan is to create “One Baltimore” where local government is accessible to the people where they live and is working with the people as they work together to solve problems and promote development in their neighborhood. Hence, the total population will be divided into 55 geographical areas (clusters of Baltimore’s 260 neighborhoods) designated as community statistical areas (CSAs)* by the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance.

Each cluster will consist of a 10 member Neighborhood Public Service Team (NPST). Each NPST will create a specific strategic plan that relates to the geographical area for which they are responsible.

ORGANIZATION: The members of the NPST will report to a “Deputy Mayor.” The official title, role and responsibility of each member are as follows:

Health Official: A local government employee who monitors matters pertaining health issues in the geographical area.

Workforce Development Official: A local government employee who monitors the unemployment, job training, and job placement status in the geographical area.

Business Development Official: A local government employee who connects business leaders to public and private institutions in the geographical area.

Housing Official: A local government employee who monitors the state of homelessness to housing in the geographical area

School Improvement Official: A local government employee who monitors the state of student attendance, academic achievement, and school climate in schools within the geographical area.

Environmental Justice Official: A local government employee who monitors the sanitary environmental conditions in the geographical area.

Family Advocacy Official: A local government employee who establishes relationships with families in neighborhoods and informs them about services available to them.

Recreation and After School Official: A local government employee who monitors the available and quality recreation and after school programs in the geographical area.

Drug Treatment Official: A local government employee who helps identify and coordinate opportunities for drug treatment in the geographical area.

Public Safety and Gang Redirection Official: A local government employee who works in schools and neighborhoods within the geographical area to redirect gang activity.

These NPST officials will be trained as team members and individual experts in their field. NPST officials will serve as partners with neighborhood organization leaders to ensure that the geographical area for which they are responsible improves.

I will inspire the NPST officials to perceive the geographical area as a “town” for which they are responsible for governing. We must insist that people in neighborhoods get to know each other by need and name. In other words, we must command the space. Support and resources for NPST will be distributed by department heads who sit in the mayor’s cabinet.

The success of the “One Baltimore” Plan depends on consistent management, leadership and work practices of NPST officials. The success of the “One Baltimore” Plan will be determined by neighborhood workers’ ability to collectively reach goals in the following strategic areas of the Neighborhood Public Service Team Plan:

Workforce Development
Business Development
Family Advocacy
Recreation and After School Program
Drug Treatment
Public Safety and Gang Redirection
Environmental Justice

FUNDING: The management support and required monetary resources for NPST will be budgeted for and distributed to the neighborhoods by department heads who sit in the Mayor’s cabinet. Additional funding when needed, will be made available to neighborhoods from the “One Baltimore” Fund developed by the Mayor for economic development and social development in “One Baltimore.”

TIMELINE: The “One Baltimore” Plan is an integrated strategic plan with the expected outcomes to be achieved within a 3-year timeframe from implementation.

In conclusion, while a plan indicates that thought has been given to a matter, a plan is not worth the paper it is written on if the strategies in it are not effectively executed. I will continue to travel to every corner of this city to not only discuss the “One Baltimore” Plan but to describe relevant strategies that will make the plan come to life. As I walk and talk to citizens across this city, they tell me constantly that they want to see public education improve and the employment rate increase. Therefore, full employment and improved education will be at the foundation of the work we will do in every neighborhood. Strategies that will help this foundation become solid will be executed at the same time.

“The multiple problems in Baltimore City that have us in a state of emergency will not be solved by any particular man or woman. It will, however, take an effective integrated strategic plan and smart work to change our conditions.”

Committee to Elect Dr. Andrey Bundley N. Jean Lema, Treasurer

*The diagram and text above was excerpted from www.andreybundleyformayor.com*

February 2, 2007

A Good Word!

As I was reading through my journals, I came across the following notes from the November 15, 2006 Bible Study led by Dr. Kenneth Robinson (www.restoringlife.org). Enjoy!

Discovering the Leader Within Me

Scripture References:

Matthew 20
Isaiah 58:12

Bible Study Notes:

God is aligning us where we should be with the will of God in our lives!

God sees all of us as leaders. There is leadership in each of us.

Jesus came to restore the dominion. The life of Christ demonstrates what God's time/purpose is for all of us. He showed us by example.

Everyone is not going to be a leader in the church, but we are leaders. We must be salt in all of the earth - influencing all of the earth. A leader pays the cost. Leadership comes with a price tag!

Be careful wanting someone else's position. Only God can open leadership opportunities for us. We need to ask God to guide us.

There is a place in the Earth that I am supposed to serve. If anyone comes into my space, they are trespassing. Help me not to overstep my place. Help me not to be where I am not supposed to be! My job is to find the place of leadership that God has prepared for me.

When I am out of place, I will show God's face because I don't have the grace to do what God asks of me. I am being prepared to serve those who are already coming.

WORLD - leadership is a position of power to manipulate
CHRIST - leadership is a position of service

God is leading us to be great. We must first be a servant to be great. Leaders must know how to deal with people. True leaders don't look for followers. Followers look for true leaders.

My assignment determines my area of leadership not my position. I will emerge as a leader no matter who I am. God will not annoint me for a position that is not for me. I must make myself totally available to God - a servant to my assignment.

Spiritual purpose expends beyond the walls of the church to the world. People who find their assignment, their gift will cause the world to want it.

Strength of leadership is measured by those who lift up others in need the most. Everybody is a work in progress. I am better than I was last year. I must be able to thrive around all people. I must be able to minister to all people.

I serve the annointing with my gifts to get the annointing. Paul, Timothy, Joshua, and Moses are examples of how our gifts make room for us. Don't be afraid to serve the annointing with your gift. Your gifts will bring you in a place of leadership!

Toil is not work. When I find my gifting/assignment it will not stress me out. I must serve on my job; it is a test.

My gift must be used to serve the world. It has always been in me. Our gifts can be short-circuited/perverted.

Leadership is born when I find my gift. I 'm not a leader until I use the gifts God gave me for His Will! Check the character of leaders. Check out their offspring (fruit).


  • Fear - fear of people, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of acceptance
  • Insecurities
  • Procrastination- hesitation, intimidation

As leaders, remember rejection is my key that I am electable!

Everyone who rises up to leadership must have courage. Be strong and courageous.

Courage is not the absence of fear. Fear fuels courage. Feel the fear and do it anway!