April 12, 2008

Praise God! I just self-published my first book, and it has been an extraordinary journey!

While completing my book, I came up with the idea to launch a publishing company (http://www.takeactionpublishing.com/) that would help people minster through writing about the love of God. You can support this writing project by clicking on the Donate Button toward the bottom right of this page. In exchange for any donation you feel moved to give, I will forward you a copy of my newest book, Psalms of the Daughter.

A subsidiary of Create-A-Book Baltimore, TAKE ACTION! Publishing will help aspiring and seasoned authors use online resources to print Christian-themed works of fiction and non-fiction. Additionally, TAKE ACTION! Publishing will also help individuals and organizations document their stories of challenge and/or triumph in taking action against social, environmental, and economic injustices.

This offer to receive a free copy of Psalms of the Daughter is only applicable to individuals who have found their way to my personal website and who wish to sow into TAKE ACTION! Publishing. Please note if you see me in public or visit one of my business sites (http://www.takeactionpublishing.com/ or http://www.thetakeactionnetwork.com/), I will ask you to pay the regular cost for Psalms of the Daughter. Thanks!

God Bless,

P.S. - Please pray for healing and restoration to flow in the hearts, minds, and bodies of individuals and families throughout Baltimore, MD!