October 13, 2007

In Your Eyes.....

In your eyes I see a landscape.
Majestic mountains,
And lush green valleys.
In your eyes I see a journey.
A road traveled,
With many unexpected bends.
In your eyes I see a butterfly.
Caged and unfamiliar,
spreading its wings.
In your eyes I see an ocean,
Whose depths hold untold secrets.
And whose sandy shores bear no footprints.
They say that the eyes are the windows to our souls,
But I believe that the eyes reveal much more.
They reveal our past,
our future,
Our pleasures and pains.
They reveal our dreams,
As well as our fears.
Look deeply enough and you can see,
Our strengths and our weaknesses.
We use our eyes to say,
That which we cannot say.
We also use them to hide
What we do not want to show.
What are you hiding in your eyes?
What is it that you don’t want seen?
There’s no need for shame.
No need to be afraid.
In your eyes I see such beauty,
A signed masterpiece of God.
In your eyes I see a puzzle,
Simply searching for it’s missing pieces.
In your eyes I see passion,
Waiting to be fulfilled.
In your eyes I see longing,
To have someone to trust.
My heart can read you,
Better than you think.
It knows your thoughts and feelings.
Because it’s been there too.
It softly sings to you,
As it reaches out in your direction.
Offering you sincere warmth and solace.
Yet you resist its gentle entreaties.
Ignoring that it sees you.
How can you, when I’m looking in your eyes?

*Written by Jeffrey Moore*