November 4, 2008

I Voted Today!

I voted today.
I stood in line.
I wasn't the only one.

I almost bought into the lie
that the people in my community didn't care...
that they were unconcerned...

But as I stood in line today,
my heart beamed with pride
as I looked around and saw so many people
young and old,
some with children,
others with friends and family members -
all in line, like me, to make history.

I heard the influx of complaints from people about the long lines.
I heard the worried cries of those concerned about being late for work, and
I offered them a warm smile and a gentle reminder
as to why their presence and their vote was so important.

I gave up my space in line to let an elder -
who was there to vote for the first time in years
and who was late for work - cast her ballot before me.

I stood in line and laughed with my neighbors,
encouraged strangers and thanked God
for the presence of mind and spirit
to be part of this day in history.

I stood in line today and I voted
for the first Black man nominated for the U.S. Presidency.
I stood in line today - not alone - but in solidarity with my community.

No news reporters to witness this amazing sight
of hundreds of people from my crime-ridden and drug-infested neighborhood
wait patiently to use the privilege that our ancestors
died to make available to us.

I, as I know everyone else who stood in line today,
will cherish this memory in our hearts.
We will be able to tell our children and our children's children
that we made history.

We stood in line today and cast a vote for a brighter America -
a place where hopes and dreams still abound.
A place where people can stand in line and change the course of history.

I stood in line today and my country is a much better place
because of my action and the action of all those who stood in line with me.

Copyright 2008 by Lynn Pinder