May 31, 2006

On Maryland Politics.......

"Considering the state of crime, education, etc. I do not know how an endorsement for Martin O’Malley can be in the best interest of anyone but Martin O’Malley. It is logical to conclude that this have nothing to do with the best interest of the people and especially Black people and especially Black children. Martin O’Malley has contributed less money to the education of the children in this city than any Mayor in the history of this city. The lead in the water in schools has never been resolved. In a city that is close to 70 percent Black almost all major agencies, Fire, Housing, Health, the School system, etc. are headed by non African –Americans. There have been numerous illegal arrests – so much so that an independent Grand Jury talks about the strained and antagonistic relationship between the Police and the Community. All the development in this city is uptown – there are very few if any low-income housing being built. The East Baltimore Bio-tech Park project displaced Black folk and exposed them to lead. The city is building a 300 million dollar hotel and closing schools – putting elementary students in buildings with high school students. We have had 5 police Commissioners in six years… and on and on and on. Apparently ACORN has lost its way. Or maybe it has simply revealed itself. This endorsement has all the aroma of a dead, rotting fish. Something is up and only the deaf, dumb and blind would be unable to see that the “fix is in.” I believe that our children are being bartered off for something. But I must say that I’m not surprised by ACORN’s self-interest. Sooner or later the truth rises to a place where all can see it."

Tyrone Powers, Ph.D.
Chair: Children 1st Movement

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