July 30, 2006

Happy Birthday to The TAKE ACTION! Network!

July 31, 2006 marks the one year anniversary of the TAKE ACTION! Network blog. This blog started out as an aside for an online radio station I created through www.live365.com. Although the TAKE ACTION! Network on Live365.com is currently off the air, this blog has taken on a life of its own.

The TAKE ACTION! Network blog has become a way for me to share through a Christian lens life lessons, blessings, and opinions that inspire readers to live as more than conquerors. The TAKE ACTION! Network blog is personal in that I use it as a stimulus to keep me spiritually grounded because I mean to be FREE! I pray that this blog will be a tool in your arsenal as you toil to live healthy and whole lives.

don't wanna be half/thing.
don't wanna be less/than/thing.
don't wanna be confined/defined/refined.
don't wanna be inna box.
don't wanna be yawn/okay/but/no/time/for/that/now/thing.
don't wanna be guilt/thing.
don't wanna be screech/thing.
don't wanna be finger/point/thing.
don't wanna be weeping/thing/fussing/thing/cussing/thing.
wanna be free/wanna be free/wanna be free.
twenty-four hours a day/
seven days a week/
fifty-two weeks a year/
straight up, dead ahead,
no breaks, no tears, no fears free!
mean to be free/
mean to be free/
mean to be free...

"Mean To Be Free" excerpted from Mad At Miles: A Blackwoman's Guide to Truth written by Pearl Cleage

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