April 29, 2007


Prayer Warriors! We need your help finding Jewel Strong! This is the beautiful, little girl in the pictures.

Jewel Mahavia Strong was last seen in Panama City Beach, Florida on May 28, 2006 (Memorial Day weekend). She is 3 years old (born April 14th, 2003) and was 3 years old when she disappeared from the kiddie pool area at Jetty Beach in St. Andrews State Park. At the time, she was about 40 pounds. It is thought that someone took Jewel from the area and that she is alive and well.

The authorities are unwilling to issue a missing persons report because they feel that it would contradict their original report which stated that she had drowned.

CASE FACTS: The Strong family was at the beach. Some members of the family were on a raft when it capsized. No one (including family members) can say for sure that Jewel was on this raft when it capsized. The family believe the story that Jewel was on the raft and drowned has no real basis. The family believes the police report (written by officer on duty) is completely inaccurate stating things were said by the family that were NEVER SAID. No one questioned the volunteer coast guard boaters that pulled an 18 year old relative out of the water and resuscitated her. Frank Collins, the investigator, told a family member he asked the US Coast Guard for reports, but none were made by the coast guard volunteer boaters who rescued her. The sheriff’s department has been unwilling to do any further investigation or questioning to bring closure to this case. The sheriff told Jewel's parents that he would not file a missing person’s report because “It won’t look good.” He had communicated that Jewel had drowned to the media and he was not going to contradict himself by filing a missing person’s report. The family believes he is more concerned with his reputation than he is with the proper investigation of this case. An APB was issued on Jewel but if the family can't get a missing person report then NONE OF THE MAJOR "MISSING CHILDREN" AGENCIES WILL HELP FIND JEWEL. Unfortunately, THEY WON'T EVEN POST HER INFORMATION!

If you have any information for the family, please call any of the following family members:

Racharel Strong (father) - 404-357-1881
Simona Strong (mother) - 404-313-4255
Tiesa Locklear (aunt) - 678-234-4902
Tramesa Locklear (aunt) 678-480-1635
Ursala Williams (aunt) 678-362-5246

Thank you so much for your love and your grace. Lord, we thank you for the Strong family. Lord, God their name represents their faith in you. We stand in the gap on their behalf asking for the safe return of Jewel Mahavia Strong! Lord, God we ask that you bind evil and that you release the strongholds that are blocking the safe return of this beautiful child. We know that all things are possible through you and we ask in confidence knowing that Your word will not return void. God, we ask that you touch the heart of the ones who took Jewel. Lead them to do the right thing. Lord, position your Saints in place so that we can be ready to serve as willing vessels as your will unfold. Lord, send your angels and your Holy Spirit to comfort, love, protect, and equip the Strong Family. Encourage their hearts and strengthen their weary spirits. In Jesus name, we pray. Amen!

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