May 11, 2007

Tangy's Song

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Produced by award-winning filmmakers, Michelle Taylor and Paul Grant, Tangy's Song! is a 20-minute documentary that chronicles the true story of Tangy Major who in the late 80's unknowingly contracted HIV from her boyfriend, became pregnant, and transmitted the virus to her baby. Seven months after giving birth she buried her son, and seven years later buried the man who became her husband. Tangy is HIV positive, widowed, and childless all before the age of 29. HIV had taken almost everything she had - but it couldn't take her faith in God and her ability to glorify Him through song.

Today, Tangy is a guidance counselor, gospel-recording artist and is married to an HIV negative man who adores her. She has given birth to a beautiful baby girl, Kayla and she ministers and sings of the promises that life holds.

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