June 7, 2007

My Prayer

Dear GOD:

Teach me how to mind my own business! To take of myself. To remember that
there are just certain things that certain people have to go through.

Please remind me:
That I can't fix anyone; nor can I change them, and when there is something
that others cannot do for themselves, they need to come to You, not me.

Give me the Strength to:
Hear with compassion; to watch with empathy; to Pray and trust Your
merciful grace; and how to stay put and still until You tell me to move.

Allow me to be:
A guide to the lost; a teacher to the willing; a Blessing to the meek;
a tool and not a doormat.

Inspire me to:
Give and move on; share without controlling; expect the best for others
no matter how bad it looks; and to know that when I don't do it, You will!

Faith in the Valley

*This was sent to me by one of my email buddies.*

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