June 14, 2008

A Poem for Father's Day!

Come Home Black Man

Come home Black man…
You who are searching for truth only to find recycled lies.

Come home Black man...
You who are struggling for release only to be burdened down by the strain of life.

Come home Black man...
You whose cynicism and doubt have bankrupt your faith.

Come home Black man...
You who are brokenhearted, disrespected, and devalued.

Come home Black man...
You who have abandoned your destiny and surrendered to an erroneous fate.

Come home to true love – pure, warm, and complete.
Come home to the everlasting gleam of divine light.
Come home to the ultimate sage and the greatest of all mysteries.
Come home to the grace of forgiveness and true liberation.

Come home Black man...
Come Home!

God is waiting patiently for your triumphant return.

Lynn Pinder © November 2007

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